She was not frightened by the camera. She reacted to it,
and in some strange way, I was a third party -- they were the conspirators.

~ George Hurrell, Chief MGM Photographer ~


6/19/2008: The Victor Mascaro Gallery features new, gorgeously colorized images. Thanks, Victor, for sharing these with The Platinum Page and for always being such a generous contributor here!

Each of the galleries below features thumbnail versions of larger images that you can view by clicking on the thumbnail. And yes, I've finally found some of Harlean's nude photos to post -- if you take offense to that kind of stuff then don't peek. And don't send any hate emails either 'cos The Baby liked to be fancyfree and besides they're lovely! Hey, if I had a body like hers, I'd be posing nude, too! ;-)

Headshots Platinum Brownette Color
Film Stills Full-Length 3/4-Length Reclining
Postcards Nudes Casual Childhood
Mother Jean Mad Hatter

Special thanks to JACOB NORDA for sharing his free-n-fabulous Thotor Photo Thumbnail Generator which saved me days on end when it came to creating these galleries!

Also, much gratitude goes out to past contributors whose photos appear among the thumbnails and elsewhere: Richard Adkins, Brian Bundy, Bob Fegert, Ed Francis, Jim Kaufman, Victor Mascaro, Vincent Vaccaro, Julianne & Maura.

*** DISCLAIMER *** Please note that some of the images on The Platinum Page are from my own private collection while others were donated or harvested from temporary online sources such as web auction sites. No profit is made from the display of these photos -- they are being displayed for the informational and educational benefit of Jean Harlow fans. However, if you feel that an image you see here violates your intellectual property and/or copyrights, please email your concerns to me and I will gladly remove the photos in question. Thank you! :-)